Outstanding Polish team Kantor/Losiak unbeaten to the next round

Outstanding Polish team Kantor/Losiak unbeaten to the next round

Who thinks of Poland, normally does not think immediately of Beach Volleyball . The impressive advance of an excellent team has changed the minds. Piotr Kantor and Bartosz Losiak, both 26 years old, were born 11 days after each other and know each other from school. During their first meeting both volleyball players could not dream of being the leaders of the ranking list of both Europe and the World.

During this tournament it is quite clear that these Polish gentlemen play together since more that 10 years. Thanks to a hard fought victory in three sets against the favourite Dutch team Boehl/Van de Velde and a simple victory against the Swiss team Heidrich/Gerson, Kantor and Losia were already placed for thenext round, before the played their last Group Match.
The final Group match against the Italian team Enrico Rossie and Marco Caminati (both 25 years old) seem to be a formality beforehand. It appeared not to be true. The Italian team played smartly and sanguine resulting in an equally played match up to the score of 18-18, but in the end the Polish won the first set with 21-19. Also the second set was full of Italian temperament and the will to win. Rossi and Caminati fought for each point and landed regularly flat in the sand. However the strong service of the Polish team in the end killed the Italians. The second set ends again in a score of 21-19. Unbeaten the proud Polish men walk off the playground. Up to the next round.

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