The Czech team Hermannová/Slukova won the bronze medal at the European Championships Beach Volleyball. They beat the Spanish team Liliana/Elsa at the final 3-4: 2-0 (21-18, 21-16).

It was a long tournament for Barbora Hermannová and Marketa Slukova. They didn’t win in their group and thus they had to play the intermediate round. In the semi-final they lost against the Dutch team Keizer/Meppelink. The rest time until the bronze medal final was not long, but they looked fit at the start of the match. The first set was won by the Czech team with 21-18. Liliana and Elsa from Spain also played a match of three sets earlier today. They lost their semi-final against Betschart and Hüberli from Switzerland. They looked a bit more tired than the Czech at the start of this match. Many personal errors from Spanish side decided the first set.

The Spanish team found their rhythm again in the second set. Elsa’s service was again a difficult one for the opponents. But they did not keep their advance for long. Hermannová and Slukova closed the gap and took an advance of several points. Slukova found the lines of the field many times. The Spanish didn’t have a good answer to that. Hermannová and Slukova won the set with a score of 21-16 as Iliana and Elsa withdraw from the match one point before the set ended (at 20-16) because Iliana had an injury on her finger and couldn’t finish the match.

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