Men’s semi-finals

Men’s semi-finals

On the last day of this European Champions League Beach Volleyball four teams will fight for the medals. Who opposes who in the semi-finals

Herrera/Gavira (ESP) vs. Mol, A./Sørum, C. (NOR) – 15.00 hrs, The Hague
The first match in the semi-finals is a combat between the experienced Spanish team and the young arising Norwegian team. Herrera and Gavira may without doubt being denominated as experienced; the team is active already sinds 2009. The two Spanish gentlemen have participated in many international tournaments, certainly in comparison with the Norwegian team. Mol, A./Sørum, C. still aging 21 and 22 years, but in this tournament they have proven to be talented guys. As winner of the pool the team went through to the 8th finals and in the two matches that followed they were able to eliminate two top teams.

During the five stars tournament in Gstaad last week the teams met each other in the final. The advantage went then to the Norwegians, who, in particular, were clearly better in the second set (18-21. 12-21). This time it is admittedly the semi-final, but the match will be played for sure on final worthy level.

Semenov/Leshukov (RUS) vs. Smedins/Samoilovs (LAT) – 16.00 hrs, The Hague
The way to these semi-finals was not easy for Smedins/Samoilovs: in the quarter final they met the favourites of the host country Brouwer/Meeuwsen. Despite a stadium full of fans of Orange the Letts stayed calm, making clear what their quality is. They played their own game and in this way they put high pressure on the Orange team, resulting in the end to this place in the semi-finals.

Semenov/Leshukov had to square of with their compatriots in the quarter final. The first set was rather troublesome for them, but in the second set it became clear that they were a bit more qualified than their opponents.

If we look to the ranking list the Letts are the big favourites: Smedins/Samoilovs have been ranked 7th, Semenov/Leshukov 17th. During this tournament it has been appeared already several times that this ranking does not have to be a good foreteller; we still can count on an exciting match!

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