Smedins / Samoilovs qualify for the final on the DELA European Championship

Smedins / Samoilovs qualify for the final on the DELA European Championship

The second semi-final this afternoon took place between the Russian team Semenov/Leshukov and the Letts Smedins/Samoilovs. In the beginning of the match the fight was quite equal, but as of the end of the first set the Letts succeeded in putting pressure on the Russian team. Smedins/Samoilovs won the match with 2-0 and will play tonight against the Norwegians Mol, A./Sørum, C. for the title.

Both teams start the match excellently. Samoilovs, also named the Lion King, scores many point with his attacks, but also on Russian side it goes like hell. Semenov (2.10 m. long) shows in what he is good and notes some nice Block points on his name. Until the technical time-out the score is equal. Both teams do not make many mistakes, causing long and exciting rally’s. A smart second ball by Semenov brings the Russian to advance, but shortly thereafter Smedins equals the score with a hard attack. Until halfway the set the teams do not give away a point, due to whicht both teams do not get the chance to build up an advance. Strong blocking work by Samoilovs and an ace by Smedins in the end lead to an advance for the team from Latvia. After a nice placing ball by Smedins the Letts reach set point. Leshukov hits the ball out, leading to the winning by the Letts of the first set at long last with still a big advance. (21-15).

In the beginning of the second set Smedins /Samoilovs know how to put the Russian under high pressure. They place the ball several times on the line, but also serving they are rather strong. The Block of Semenov is circumvented smartly, resulting in a broad arrears for the Russians. Semenov clearly demonstrates that he is not happy with the current way of how it goes. He appears to be very frustrated, which is not very useful for his playing: he makes more and more mistakes. The Letts make good use of this, extend their advance and reach rather soon match point. The match ends with again a mistake by Semenov, who hits the ball far out. The Letts win the set again with 21-15 and so earn their place in the final.

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